Cigar Smoking Tips


Guillotine cutters are either single or twofold bladed. Assuming sharp, single edge cutters function admirably. Twofold bladed cutters work better as the two restricting sharp edges cooperate. There are additionally stogie scissors accessible.

Inspect the head (shut end) of your stogie to decide how far down the top goes (typically 1/4″ to 3/8″). Try not to cut underneath the top. Attempt to cut as meager as could be allowed while as yet opening 75% to 85% of the end. Utilize a brisk and conclusive cut.

Another approach to open your stogie is to utilize a punch shaper. They are anything but difficult to utilize, make an ideal round opening, and evacuate the worry of the amount to cut.

The third strategy is to utilize a V-Cut scissors. They cut a V-molded indent in the leader of your stogie


When utilizing cedar matches hold up until the point that the sulfur consumes off before putting it to your stogie.In the event that utilizing a lighter which utilizes lighter liquid enable the fire to consume a couple of second before lighting your stogie.Butane lighters work great and are the most well known decision.

What ever your fire decision, preheat the foot by rolling your stogie over the fire. After the foot is warmed place the stogie in your mouth and delicately draw however your stogie, with speedy shallow puffs, as you roll your stogie over the fire. Never let your stogie contact the fire. When lit analyze your stogie by tenderly blowing on the foot to ensure the consume is even, if not, complete a spot light on the dark part. You are presently prepared to kick back and appreciate.