Pipe Smoking Tips

St Pete Pipe & Cigars pipe smoking tips are meant as a guide to getting the most enjoyment from your pipe tobacco.

Filling your pipe is the first and most important step. Fill your pipe with loose tobacco, and then press the tobacco into the bottom one third of the bowl. There should be a slight spring to the compressed tobacco. Refill the pipe then press the tobacco into the bowl again. Your pipe should now be about two thirds full. Refill the bowl one more time, press until the tobacco has a light spring to the touch. Your pipe should now be full. Draw through the pipe. The draw should be slightly firmer than a cigarette and slightly less firm than a quality cigar. If the pipe is packed to loosely the tobacco will burn inconsistently and hot, to tight and your pipe will not stay lit.

Light your pipe with a nice even flame. Begin with a char on top of the tobacco, then tamp and relight. As the tobacco burns down in the bowl continue to tamp as needed to keep the ash compressed on top of the burning tobacco. Use pipe cleaners as needed to keep the stem dry.

After enjoying your pipe run pipe cleaners through the stem until they come out clean. Do not take a hot pipe apart. This could result in damage. Wait until your pipe is cool to remove the stem to finish cleaning. Keep the cake in the bowl about the thickness of a dime. Use a pipe sweetener as needed.