Pipe Tobacco

St Pete Pipe & Cigars believes the description of the smoking quality of pipe tobacco is very subjective. Every tobacco has smokers that like or dislike that particular blend. We each have different tastes and preferences. Some smokers do not eat beets; many like fried chicken and apple pie. The areas we have in common are usually the things we dislike about pipe smoking.

St Pete Pipe & Cigars Premium Signature Blends do not smoke hot, bite, gurgle, taste bitter, produce excessive doodle, have an unpleasant room aroma, or require the use of more matches than tobacco.

We have eight St Pete Pipe & Cigars Premium Signature Blends. We have selected blends we feel offer the best in pipe smoking enjoyment. St Pete Pipe & Cigars could have more, but will not sacrifice quality in order to offer several dozen blends of questionable value.